May I make payment on the internet?
A youth offender will NOT be able to pay online but may view the outstanding charges and get case information. Adults may make payment using our Online services. Your payment will be received by court the same business day. Your payment must be received by your appearance date to avoid additional fees and the issuance of an arrest warrant.

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1. What forms of payment do you accept?
2. May I make payment on the internet?
3. May I mail in my payment?
4. How can I find out how much I owe and the due date?
5. Can I call La Marque Municipal Court and find out how many warrants I have outstanding against me in State of Texas?
6. If I pay my citation before the court date, do I still need to come to court?
7. Do I have to get a lawyer to go to court?
8. How can I get excused from jury service?
9. When can I see or talk to the Judge or Prosecutor?