Eyes on La Marque! Volunteer Camera Registry Program

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The City of La Marque invites your assistance in combating crime through participation in the Camera Registry Program. This initiative enables residents and business proprietors to register their video surveillance system locations with the city. In the event of criminal incidents, law enforcement can identify nearby cameras and seek community support in gathering video evidence and pursuing leads.

Through this program, the La Marque Police Department may reach out to registered participants who have surveillance systems in areas where crimes occurred. They might request footage from specific dates and times to investigate crime-related activities, like identifying vehicles or individuals of interest. If relevant video evidence is available, participants can contact the La Marque Police Department at (insert contact number) to arrange for video retrieval.

Registration is voluntary, free of charge, and does not grant direct access to your camera by the La Marque Police Department. Personal information remains confidential unless mandated by a court order. Law enforcement personnel investigating crimes near your registered camera may access your information. Participants will only be contacted if there's a criminal incident in the vicinity of their security camera. The police may, if required, request video copies for crime investigations.

The program's objective is to prevent crime and enhance public safety by fostering collaboration between the La Marque Police Department and the community. 

By registering, participants agree to:

  • Allow the collection of footage related to criminal activities for use as evidence in legal proceedings.
  • Understand that participation doesn't imply agency or employment with the City or La Marque Police Department.

If necessary, the La Marque Police Department will directly contact registrants through the provided information to request relevant video surveillance footage.

Click Here to Sign up for the Camera Registration Program