City Council Vision & Goals

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For the City of La Marque to be a clean, safe, vibrant, innovative and inclusive community that provides residents and businesses a high quality of life and that all are proud to call “home”. We will: 

  • Promote Residential and Commercial Growth 
  • Be Welcoming — Promote Unity — Build Trust 
  • Demonstrate Integrity 
  • Celebrate Cultural Diversity 
  • Expand Transparency 
  • Develop Human Assets / Relations 
  • Be Foreword Thinking 
  • Respect Our Natural Environment

Role of the City Council 

  • Achieve solvency through fiscal responsibility 
  • Promote open and honest communication with our citizens to foster a fully informed and engaged citizenry 
  • Be transparent in conducting city business 
  • Promote a spirit of cooperation and collaboration between local government entities 
  • Lead by example 
  • Develop necessary policies that are timely and effective 
  • Promote the City of La Marque 
  • Improve efficiency of city services 
  • Steer the vision of the City of La Marque 
  • Advocate for our citizens 

City Council Goals 

  • La Marque will be a place where people are proud to live, work and engage in the community 
  • To develop a vibrant, well maintained and welcoming downtown business district 
  • To make La Marque attractive to local stakeholders and outside investors 
  • To effectively and efficiently manage city resources while maintaining and enhancing city services 
  • Maintain and improve infrastructure 
  • Creatively promote a positive image of the City of La Marque 
  • Keep La Marque schools in La Marque 
  • Stimulate responsible residential and commercial growth 
  • Cultivate green and recreational spaces for future generations 
  • Develop a vibrant, robust, well maintained, welcoming I-45 Corridor 

Rules of Engagement

At all times, and in all interactions, the City Council will work to find common ground in the best interests of the citizens and stakeholders. While executing our duties, we will be:

  • Respectful – of differing ideas and opinions, and other people’s time 
  • Thoughtful – we will listen thoroughly and evaluate on merit 
  • Professional – punctual, present, and prepared 
  • Supportive – of each other, our City, our decisions and our staff 
  • Efficient – with the City resources, our time, and the time of others 
  • Informed – on current issues before the Council
  • Honest/Ethical/Moral – in all interactions and communications 

City Council Strategies 

  • Improve communications 
  • Enhance the quality of life of our stakeholders 
  • Improve customer experience in interactions with the City 
  • Increase sense of community
  • Attract, develop, and retain quality city employees 
  • Develop collaborative efforts with the County to provide services 
  • Strengthen property values 
  • Continue to beautify our city 
  • Strengthen local businesses 
  • Advocate for the students in our schools; keep La Marque schools in La Marque 
  • Promote quality, sustainable and diversified housing 

Mayor and Council Members 

Bobby Hocking — Mayor 

Keith Bell — Mayor Pro-Tem 

Chris Lane — Council Member 

Robert Michetich — Council Member 

Casey McAuliffe — Council Member