Patrol Services Division

The Patrol Services Division is the backbone of the Department. This division, comprising uniformed officers, consists of 4 Patrol sergeants, on 4 shifts of 17 total patrol officers. They patrol the streets of La Marque 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The division head  is Lieutenant Geoff Price.  Click here for his contact information.

Duties and Oversight

  1. First responders to civilian complaints
  2. Traffic enforcement
  3. Generation of police reports
  4. Jailors at the municipal jail

Community Oriented

This department is employing the Community-Oriented Policing philosophy (PDF) and The Nine P's of Community Policing. This progressive policing effort proposes moving beyond working harder and faster toward working smarter via long-term community based problem solving.

The Patrol Services Division Commander is Lieutenant Geoff Price