Developmental Incentives

The Texas Enterprise Zone Program

The Texas Enterprise Zone Program offers incentives to new or expanding Texas businesses to help them become and remain globally competitive and provide employment opportunities to Texas residents.

Qualified businesses located in Texas City / La Marque Enterprise Zone may qualify for a variety of local and state incentives including certain tax reductions and refunds, and regulatory relief.

Developmental Incentives

State Incentives

  • Texas Leverage Fund - Financial assistance for business recruitment, retention and expansion.
  • Texas Capital Fund - A program that assists with real estate and infrastructure development.
  • Enterprise Zone - An economic development incentive administered through a state refunding program.
  • Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center - A Texas Department of Commerce program designed to assist companies with quality control, especially those companies involved with new technologies, manufacturing and processing.

Local Incentives

  • Business Improvement Funds - Business improvement funds are designed to promote La Marque businesses on major thoroughfares by helping business owners improve the "curb appeal" of their business.
  • Job Creation Incentives - They are offered for each new permanent job created based on guidelines set by the La Marque Economic Development Corporation (LMEDC).
  • Tax Abatements - The City can provide a tax abatement for exemption of property taxes for up to 7 years.
  • IRB Issue - The Economic Development Corporation (EDC) may issue Industrial Revenue Bonds, usually at rates below prime, for the construction of new facilities or the expansion of existing facilities.
  • Utility Rate Reduction - The utility providers will assist your company with a negotiated rate reduction based on usage and other criteria.
  • City Fee Waivers - Based on certain guidelines, the City may waive fees for permit applications, utility taps and similar fees upon approval of City Council.
  • Grant or Loan Procurement Assistance - The City and the EDC may assist your company with the procurement of loans or grants for the purpose of increasing business and commercial activity within La Marque.
  • Infrastructure Improvement - Upon approval of City Council, the City may provide for the extension, construction or reconstruction of infrastructure for the development needs of your company.
  • Fast Track Program - Accelerated zoning and permit procedures.
  • Freeport Property Tax Exemption- The Freeport Exemption exempts taxes on certain types of tangible personal property that is transported out of the state of Texas within 175 days of acquisition. Inventory property may 1st be assembled, stored, manufactured, processed or fabricated locally.

An incentives package will be tailored to your specific needs through the resources of the community, county, state and economic development corporation.